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Investments never been so simple

You can start earning passively without spend a lot of your time studying various materials, analyzing markets, following all sorts of news. With the Factorial community you just make a deposit and get profit.

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Our activity and objectives

The history of our team of professional traders has started in 2005, when we have only started our joint cooperation in speculation on stock markets. During this time, we have accumulated great experience as well as have developed a range of professional actions. When a person reaches certain results in his life and financial independence, the next stage of his development is to help other people in achievement of their objectives. Although we have a decent amount of private customers, they are financially independent people, and they only want to increase their capital. When we want to help people, who are just on their way to material wealth, that is why we have decided to create Factorial community, where we can help those people, who are ready to risk in order to achieve financial independence.

That is why we have developed a phased marketing plan, which you can find in the section "Investment offer". However, our main objective is implementation of our own cryptocurrency, so that we can help a huge number of people, who join our community. But its implementation is planned for a later stage of our development, first of all we want to create a sufficient amount of small investors and provide demand for future assets. Thus, we will ensure primary profitability of our investment offer by its activity on stock markets, under conditions, which can guarantee it.

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Investment offer
    • 1-2% for 25 days
    • min deposit $ 10.00
    • max deposit $ 50 000.00
    • total R.O.I. 125-150% *
    • 4% daily (business)
    • min deposit $ 20.00
    • max deposit $ 500.00
    • total R.O.I. up to 156%
    • 5% daily (business)
    • min deposit $ 501.00
    • max deposit $ 2 500.00
    • total R.O.I. up to 150%
    • 6% daily (business)
    • min deposit $ 2 501.00
    • max deposit $ 10 000.00
    • total R.O.I. up to 144%
    • 7% daily (business)
    • min deposit $ 10 001.00
    • max deposit $ 50 000.00
    • total R.O.I. up to 140%
    • 777% daily (business)
    • min deposit $ 77.7
    • max deposit $ 777.00
    • total R.O.I. in the end of period
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Leadership program

Leadership program of our community provides 7% bonus of deposits of personally invited partners. Bonuses are not credited if your partners make a deposit using their system balance.

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Marketing development plan

We provide phased development of community investment offers for more stable system development and further prosperity of its users.

On the first stage you will get one way of cooperation, namely, deposit for 25 days with daily remuneration from 1 to 2%. This plan allows creating a solid foundation and financial platform for further stable community development.

On the second stage you will get the way of deposit with remuneration from 4 to 7% on working days, deposit will be included in accruals, and when you reach 56%, it will cease its activity. This way will allow attracting those people, who are doubted and only kept an eye on our community, which significantly increase our audience and create a demand for our cryptocurrency.

On the third stage there will be carried out gradual release of cryptocurrency in limited amount. Cryptocurrency will be released in limited amount in order to meet the current demand and gradually increase its value respectively to other currencies.

The fourth stage provides exchange market implementation and easy buy and sell between investors on the current exchange rate. On this stage, there will be gradually disabled first two investment ways, cryptocurrency will be produced in more limited amount, and when you achieve 1 000 000 units, it ceases its activity. There will be carried out various activities for promotion of cryptocurrency, possibility to pay for goods and services with its help and gradual implementation to all existing stock markets working with cryptocurrencies.

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I would like to begin my participation in your community. What should I do for this?

For participation in Factorial community you need to have an account on the Telegram messenger platform.

May I change my account data?

Yes. You may change your data in the ⚒ Personal settings section.

Are my personal data effectively protected from unauthorized persons?

All information about the system participants is stored on dedicated servers with a high level of protection. All transactions are conducted over secure Internet connections.

What payment systems Factorial community works with?

The community works with electronic payment system: Bitcoin, AdvCash, Payeer. In future we plan to connect other payment systems as well.

In what currency may I open a deposit account?

To simplify calculations the investment is possible in US dollars. The community has a fixed rate 1 BTC = $1200. However, all operations on deposits in bitcoin currency are performed also in bitcoin currency, i.e. investor does not lose anything if bitcoin currency rate changes.

What is minimum and maximum amount of investment?

Minimum investment amounts to $10 and the maximum possible amount of investments is $50000 at the moment. Over time, these limits will be raised.

What is the company`s percentage of profitability?

It depends on your investment plan.

To which payment system dividends are transferred?

Dividends are transferred only to the payment system from which the deposit has been made.

How fast profit is accrued?

Profit is accrued every 24 hours of each calendar day.

What is the minimum/maximum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0. 0001 BTC or $0.1 for other payment systems. The maximum amount is unlimited.

Is any additional fee charged when withdrawing funds from the community to payment system account?

No, the system does not have any hidden payments and additional fees.

How quickly funds will be credited to my account?

Funds are credited to your payment system account almost instantly (delays of up to 24 hours are possible due to payment systems fault).

What should I do if funds are not credited?

In this case you should contact technical support.

How may I benefit from affiliate program? How may I become its member?

You can attract referrals getting extra profit from their investments (affiliate commission).
For this your personally invited investors should use your referral link.

What is the amount of affiliate commission?

With our affiliate program, you can earn:
7% of deposit amount of each 1-level referral

Is it mandatory to make a deposit for participation in affiliate program?

No, no deposit is necessary for participation in affiliate program.

Who can I turn to for answers to my questions?

If you are unable to resolve your query please contact support.

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